Hanoi's French legacy is most visible in the city's adoption of café culture. The best vantage point is one of the cafés along Hang Hanh, a lively street near Hoan Kiem Lake where young Vietnamese come to hang out. Here are some of the best:


57 Ly Thai, Hanoi (00 84 4 825 7807). A popular upmarket café that claims to brew Hanoi's best coffee. Live jazz on Tuesdays and Thursdays, 5.30pm to 7.30pm, and Sundays, 9pm to 10pm


48 Le Thai To, Hanoi (00 84 4 828 5689). An arty French-owned ice cream parlour serving upmarket ice-cream (in the most original flavours in Hanoi), sorbets and desserts beside Hoan Kiem Lake.


252 Hang Bong, Hanoi. This café achieved legendary status when Catherine Deneuve famously complimented the owner on his yoghurts and fresh pastries, which are still very good. It is popular with locals and visitors alike.


Although Hanoi cannot yet compare with the sophistication of Ho Chi Minh City, it boasts an increasing amount of top-quality restaurants, mostly found around Hoan Kiem Lake and in the French Quarter


Bun Cha Ta is a Vietnamese dish of grilled pork and noodle, which is thought to have originated from Hanoi, Vietnam. Bun cha is served with grilled fatty pork (chả) over a plate of white rice noodle (bún) and herbs with a side dish of dipping sauce.

ADD 21 Nguyen Huu Huan Street, Old quarter, Hanoi

Tel : 0966 848 389


Apron Up Restaurant and Cooking Class introduces to you an assorted selection of the most traditional and delicate dishes in Vietnam. From the Royal rice used to be served in the imperial citadel, to casual beef noodle salad, to the French- influenced egg coffee... are carefully cooked and decorated by talented and knowledgeable Vietnamese chefs. Here we also offer cooking classes to show you the art inside our food and culture. Welcome to Vietnam!

ADD : 66 Bat Su street, Hanoi , Vietnam- Tel : 0888 365 685

Website :www.apronuprestaurant.com- Email : apronuprestaurant@gmail


3b Cha Ca Street, Hoan Kiem District, Hanoi (00 84 4 8288 588). Excellent food makes up for the uninspiring décor in this restaurant which caters to Hanoi's Thai community. Try the fish in coconut and chilli or the Thai noodles.

BOBBY CHINN'S 1 Ba Trieu Street, Hanoi (00 84 4 934 8577; www.bobbychinn.com). At the high end of Ho Chi Minh City's restaurant world, owned by the eponymous celebrity chef, Bobby Chinn's is packed with expats and visitors. Sit by the windows for great views over Hoan Kiem Lake, and sample the organic Vietnamese dishes. Light-hearted and thoroughly researched, the menu reflects the owner's personality: if you're lucky, he will sit at your table and offer an irreverent commentary on local goings-on.


14 Cha Ca Street, Hoan Kiem District, Hanoi. Cha Ca, or fried fish, is the only dish that you will find on the menu in this historic restaurant. The food is tasty and well presented, and cheap.


59 Ly Thai To, Hanoi (00 84 4 824 6950). It is worth splashing out for a more refined dining experience without breaking the bank at this upscale Vietnamese eatery. Try the grilled fish with dill.


79a Tran Hung Dao, Hanoi (00 84 4 942 4140). Small, elegant vegetarian restaurant down a quiet alleyway off Tran Hung Dao and named after a character in a Vietnamese fairy tale. Goi bo, a main-course salad of banana flower, starfruit and pineapple is good.


18b Le Thanh Tong, Hanoi (00 84 4 826 8801). If you don't get a chance to make it to the imperial city of Hué (some 500 km away), Hanoi's most beautiful restaurant, Emperor is a shrine to Hué's specialities.


28 Ha Hoi Street, Hanoi (00 84 4 942 4448; www.hoasuaschool.com). A restaurant school run by an NGO for disadvantage children, Hoa Sua serves excellently presented food with a heavy French influence served on a delightful garden patio or in an airy dining room. Reserve to sit outside at lunch-time. Try the superb desserts.


59 Van Mieu Street, Hanoi (00 84 4 747 0338; www.streetvoices.com.au). This non-profit-making restaurant, opened by a Vietnamese-Australian, is run on a rotating 18-month programme that trains street kids to be bilingual chefs and waiters.


27-29 Le van Huu, Hanoi (00 84 4 943 2356). Quan com Pho might tempt the culinary maverick (the menu features sautéed pig's kidney, chicken testicles and snake head with green pepper), but the cautious may prefer to opt for tiger prawns in tamarind, beef with green chilli or tofu with black pepper and spring rolls.


6 Ngo Thi Nham, Hanoi (00 84 4 943 8896). The city's current hot spot: take a seat in the glass-walled area at the back and order the fish stew with coconut milk and morning glory sautéed with garlic.

The Flawless Cooking Class in Hanoi

After around a half dozen visits to Vietnam, plus as many toward Hanoi, I thought I was a proficient on Vietnamese foodstuff. Now, I distinguish that Vietnamese foodstuff is complex and multi-layered, plus I knew that I was not, actually, a proficient on Vietnamese cooking. But I thought I had some awareness on the theme. I understand the fundamentals of pho and bun cha, plus even know some foodstuff words in Vietnamese. The elements, and how to cook several of the maximum iconic Vietnamese foods, however, remained subtle. That is, until we joined a cooking class in Hanoi. Learning Vietnamese on a Cooking Class The Hanoi Cooking Centre is in a celebrated building, fairly north of the Old Quartier. With a convenient little courtyard out back, plus a dining room upstairs, this overseas designed structure became the scene for our effort to try toward learn how to cook Vietnamese foodstuff ourselves. The Hanoi Cooking Centre proposals numerous diverse options for their culinary classes. Ours was the Vietnamese Road Food menu, comprehensive by beef noodle soup, otherwise pho bo, which we kind of watched being organized owing to the effort it takes to really cook. We also prepared BBQ pork two methods with rice noodles, otherwise bun cha, fried pork spring rolls, otherwise nem, as well as a green papaya salad. http://www.avtrtec.com/the-flawless-cooking-class-in-hanoi.html Bun Cha One of my entire preferred Vietnamese dishes, bun cha comprises two kinds of pork. Any dish that comprises two kinds of pork must be decent, right? We blended fish and oyster sauce, shallots, garlic, and sugar into a mix to marinate both a crushed pork plus a sliced pork belly. Afterward permitting the pork mixes to marinate, the Hanoi Cooking Centre workforce really grilled the meat for us, ample to Eric’s sadness as I am sure he will have rather sit on a chair in the patio playing through the charcoal fire. This is one of the means to the bun cha, it is the charcoal grilled taste of the pork. Fried Spring Rolls Nem, otherwise fried spring rolls, are additional iconic Vietnamese dish we educated how to create in our culinary class in Hanoi. And, I was continuously inquisitive whatever was inside. We cut up wood ear mushrooms, cellophane noodles, shallots, and jicama, and mixed them by crab meat plus shredded pork, beforehand our real culinary skills were tested. Visit: http://www.hanoicookingclasstours.com/ Green Papaya Salad I love green papaya salad, in addition to be actual excited toward learn how to make it. Made by bean shoots, sliced chilis, fresh shallots, garlic, peanuts, plus herbs, all of the elements are mixed together by shredded green papaya. I got the integrity of using an elegant little peeler to peel away the coatings of the crunchy, green papaya. In the end, I consider the food we prepared through the cooking class in Hanoi was decent. But, I will leave the Vietnamese foodstuff to the specialists, the street side sellers that excel in creating the pho and the bun cha, as well as all of the Vietnamese foods that I love. https://www.travelblog.org/Asia/Vietnam/blog-964966.html http://www.turkbulgar.com/hanoi-cooking-class-tours/

Hanoi Cooking class tours

One of the most unique experiences that you can have during your stay in Hanoi is to learn more about the local food and culture. Our unique cooking class tours begin at the local wet market in which we will begin picking out ingredients hands-on. Hanoi cooking class tours can range from hands-on full-day experiences that involve street food tours, checking out local cafés and eventually making the same types of foods hands-on in a private cooking class. We can also arrange shorter excursions including quick cooking classes, and exploration of street market food and more. In every one of our Hanoi cooking classes you will prepare dishes under the watchful eye of an experienced chef at your own personal workstation. This is one of the best ways that you can gain a proficiency into creating traditional Vietnamese and Hanoian food even when you return home. You can have incredible experience to share with friends as well as a chance to learn more about the history of food in this area, the flavors that make up the recipes as well as the best methods for using Vietnamese herbs in your own cooking. Hanoi food cooking classes can also be tailored directly to your dietary needs. Our cooking Class in Hanoi offers vegetarian options, meat options and a variety of different menu selections based on your preferences. Whether you have specific dietary restrictions or you are interested in learning how to make one particular dish during your stay, we can organize classes to suit your needs. Hanoi food tours can take place by scooter, on walking tours or via custom itineraries based off of your ideas. Get your apron on and enjoy one of our cooking classes by yourself or with friends or take part in a full day street food tour/culinary experience with us! Book your Hanoi Cooking Classes today.